Rainbow Utaban

A place for queer girls that like anime, J-rock, and video games ^_^

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Kon-nichi wa and Welcome to Rainbow Utaban! In case you didn't already know, this community is a place for lesbian and bisexual girls, and we do mean only girls, that love anime, Japanese rock, and video games! Please don't feel discouraged about the number in the community, we just started and will hopefully receive more members soon.

Join If...
  • You're a girl that's either lesbian or bisexual
  • You love anime, J-rock, and/or video games
  • You are looking for other queer girls with the same interests as you!

What's Okay to Post...
  • A short introductory about yourself. Tell us anything and everything about yourself such as your name, age, where you live, why you joined, who you hope to talk to, etc.
  • New animes or J-rock bands that you've heard about so the rest of us can be on top of the Japanese pop culture along with you

What's Not Okay to Post...
  • Explicit content that isn't placed behind an lj-cut warning. If you don't know how to correctly type a Lj-cut, please refer to one of the moderators for assistance
  • Problems that do not involve the community topics at hand, please keep that to your own personal journal