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Guess who's going back to school?

I am! And in honor of that, I finalized my cosplay list; I'm not allowing myself to add anything else. especially since I won't have as much time. Oh, and is anyone else on here a member of cosplay.com? Very helpful, nice site.

{Anime USA 7 costumes:}
Friday Morning: Ishida Yamato (Digimon 01) [I'm only done the crest; it's for a digimon photoshoot; i'll put a picture up in my journal if anyone wants to see it],
Friday Afternoon: Victor van Dort (Corpse Bride),
Saturday until around 4:Wrath (FMA),
Saturday Night:Selim Bradley, FMA {Selim/Salem is very undercosplayed, and getting to kick people in the shin is always fun.}

Kyo Kara Maoh!{Yuri}
Corpse Bride{Bonejangles}
Meitantei Loki {Loki, Heimdall}
Naruto{Konahamaru, Shino, Shikimaru}
Fullmetal Alchemist{Kimbley, 5th Lab Nina Tucker}
Deathnote{Light, L} [hopefully will be a partner cosplay with a girlfriend; we'll have the Deathnote kanji written on our arms, and be handcuffed together with a long box chain connecting the cuffs]
Princess Tutu {Mythos}
Inuyasha{Hakkaku, Ginta}[another girlfriend partner cosplay]
Howl's Moving Castle{Markl}
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