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Promised cosplay pics..

I said I'd post some pictures here, and I'm fufilling that promise..

  me at Otakon 05 with a movie Edward..I'm Russell Tringham hehre..(the one in suspenders)

 a favorite picture of RussxEd fans everywhere..^.^ it was fun to shoot.

a victor van dort picture..yes, the tie's the wrong color..I fixed that

my finished Wrath cosplay, debuting at AnimeUSA in nov. in Virginia.

lonely Wrath..

oops! Wrath 'sploded the house..

thoughtful wrath; yes, I took the picture myself, and I LOVE IT!

those are so totally NOT spagettios! Envy made me some red stones..that taste like Spagettios..

  my MINION! *evil laughter*

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where's my mommy? ( and I do have  Trisha Elric that I'll be meeting at AUSA; I'm even putting together a kidnapping kit for her..*devious grin*)


 I love this pose..yay for copying off of Izumi-sensei.

waiting to play for the inlaws-to-be (Victor van Dort, Corpse Bride). If I do finish this before AUSA (which I'm fairly certain I will), I will be meeting a corpse bride there on Friday; so expect some Victor/Bride photos sometime in Nov.

Victor in his vest..that is NOT the vest I'm actually using. I'm making a point that Victor does wear a red vest (pale though it may be); he still wears a vest. *is a stickler for detail* My hands didn't pose that way on purpose..but it works for Victor.

Victor van Dort- eternally lost. Age 19 (not me, him..I'm only 16)

final Victor picture.

also; my cosplay.com gallery is here

visit it if you like..you can see my Otakon 05 gallery and such..and see what I'm planning to cosplay in the future.
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