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first post for mesa

Name: Stephy

Age: 17

Location: Kentucky

Orientation: lesbian

Anime: i like all kinds of anime, i tend to like the worn down love stories like inuyasha and revolutionary girl utena. *shrugs* my collection is... sad at best seeing as ive only come to enjoy anime and manga a while back, i felt cheated when i discovered it.... why was i kept in the dark?!? oh yeah daddy says its teh devil....

Manga: manga is more my thing than anime only because i can read it durring my boring little classes
Music: whee music. i listen to rock and technoy things. also theres a radio staion show in nashville tn i play now that its streamed online, pocketninjas, they are the coolness, they play cool jrock and indy. music was yet another thing i was told was evil *cries* i got my first radio freshman year -sigh- the year of eye openings.....

Games: games was something i was alloud to ahve for whatever reason. yes yes my n64 gets its use still. woo harvest moon *brushes cows* i like fighting games rpg's and online free forms. but ive less and less time for this, sadly

Why I joined: well i joined a long time ago i just never posted. i was hoping to widen my music,anime, and manga tastes maybe even start a halfway decent collection with recomendations from peoples like you!

why im posting suddenly is because i cant go to sagoi con and its the second chance at a con im missing and ive never been to a con so im sad and also i think you'd all like pocketninjas now that they are streamed. they have an lj too and the link is there if you wish to look.
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