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Is anyone here going to AUSA?


it's happening on November 18-20, 2005, in Tyson's Corner, VA. I'm traveling (hopefully) from PA down to it, and I'm going to try to stay for all three days. I'll be going as: (hopefully)

Victor van Dort from Corpse Bride, all day. Later in the day, I'll meet up with my friend Tess, who is cosplaying as the Corpse Bride, and another friend will hopefully be Victoria Everglot. Tess and I may attempt to play the Bride and Victor's duet, if we've got sheet music, and will be stealing the Fan's View guy (Kevin Lillard) for the rest of that night. Apologies in advance.

  Morning till about 3,3.30; Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist. This is the costume I've worked hardest on, and am proudest of. Will be stealing an Elric momma [complete with kidnapping box!], and accosting Vic Mignogna (Edward Elric's english voice) for pictures and limbs. ^.^

4,4.30 onward; Selim/Salem Bradley, aka the Fuher's son, from the end of the FMA anime series. I do have a bag for the spoilerific prop o' doom that Selim reveals in the series done, and near the end of the night (and in the masquerade as a walkon entry..*searches for reference pictures for the craftsmanship category), total Spoileriffic Selim, complete with..well, you'll see. If you've seen the series, you'll know.

unsure; if I don't get to wear Selim on Saturday, I'll wear it then. Spoilerific!Selim will most definetly be appearing on Sunday, and will be hangin' around with any Hughes that's willing.  *devious smile* either that, or I'll be reviving Aru!Kitty from Otakon.

Speaking of which; does anyone want me to post any Otakon pictures up here? Oh, nevermind..there's a link to my gallery in one of my other posts..eheh..gomen.
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